I LOVE to write code

From my mid-30’s until I retired, my job title was either “Software Engineer” or “Software Developer”, depending on whose budget I was on - Engineering or IT.

I LOVE to write code. So much so… that when I would get home from work, I would write code. It drove my wife crazy!

During much of that time, I kept my home programming tools up-to-date.

Then, I discovered Blender. And the rest, as they say, is history.


I occasionally need a break from shaders and keyframes. But, since my tools are obsolete, the only satisfying alternative is browser based - HTML, JavaScript, etc.

So I thought I would share a couple examples.

  1. MyFun - A multi-file, drag-and-drop image and video thumbnail system with scroll wheel sizing. I made it to do side-by-side comparisons between different versions of things that I made in Blender.

myfun.html (11.8 KB)

  1. MyPlair - A multi-file, drag-and-drop audio and video player system with scroll wheel sizing. It plays files one-at-a-time.

myPlair.html (10.2 KB)

and finally… (for those of you in the US)
3. PastWeather - 12 hours of US radar, temperature and winds.

pastWeather.html (8.4 KB)



I know! it’s very enjoyable I have done it ever since I was given my first script to study to learn how to program.

And i always wondered why a simple image viewer doesn’t have a simple side-by-side view…

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Interesting little applications, this MyFun application is about one step to be turned into a reference-collecting image. As of now for example now there is only PureRef and it works as it works, but perhaps it has certain limitations or other things that makes it not quite good. As for example for me the case is that I see 0% fun on placing my images by hand, I just want them to snap into place like magnets. This application gives me the idea that it can work like that.

If you are interested to look Node.JS and bake your applications as .exe (with virtual browsers and native features) it would be a much more advanced transition from plain .html files. :slight_smile:

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Are you suggesting I turn it into a non-browser-based app?

If you know how to do it…, do it.

But, if you get rich, please don’t rip me off… I’d like to share in some of the profits :rofl:


I like to write code but I am not an expert. In any case its great that you found this passion. I think that writing code is not that easy, but depends

Yep. I had a “supervisor” who had a plaque that said that writing code is hard. I always considered him to be an idiot. I consider writing code very easy. I can write code in any language. However, if I’ve never seen it before it takes a little longer. :rofl:

If this, then that. Show this here. Let the user do this, then that. Handle human errors. Do not “handle” software errors. Let them happen, then fix them.

It’s just that simple…

Oh… And test. Test. Test. Test. Test. The dumber the tester, the better.

Haha, nice! :slight_smile: :cowboy_hat_face:

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Coding is fun :+1:

“Programming is a skill best acquired by practice and example rather than from books.” - Alan Turing


And Google ! :rofl: :smiley:


50% of coding is Googling, 30% is writing it and watching something break completely, 10% is fixing whatever you just broke, and 10% is muttering various swear words under your breath

P.S. I love coding, but I’m a web developer, and other people’s JavaScript be janky


10 % writing actual code

90 % writing more code to handle all the exceptions that maybe caused by the user?



Whilst I’ve still held onto my textbooks from college (…purely for nostalgia’s sake) when studying JAVA but these days imo a few exceptional YT channels seem too provide a more streamlined self-learning approach without felling entire forests :grimacing:


Yep, before the interrnet, my habit used to be to find info on the MSDN disks and print them out.

I ended up with stacks of them, that I rarely looked at later…

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I admire those who can flow so smoothly writing code. Absolutely amazing talent!

I’m wayyy to creative to slow down that much. I’m a 2nd gen creative who should’ve been locked away a long time ago, ha! Incredibly strong ability to see in terms of rhythms and patterns. And then there’s those overwhelming moments … flashes of brilliance. Those are the ones that drive me crazy!

I love how coders can make things happen!

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I taught myself to program in BASIC in about 1983 on a computer with a Z80 processor, BASIC in ROM, and 16k RAM. Just out of interest. Twenty years later I retrained in IT and learned a few more languages (mainly JAVA) but ended up teaching in the program once I had finished. It’s only now that I’m retired that I’m actually doing any real programming (well, simple Python scripting actually) to support my personal investing/trading. Plus a bit of Machine Learning, which I find quite interesting. All good.

Oh… music? Me too.

My bedroom around 1985:


Luckily I realized I was born to write code 'cuz writing music was getting me nowhere!


LOL… well this hits home.

I do programming as well and have stepped away from it for a few years along with graphic design. Tried to retire early, lol, in a perfect world. Tried a couple of other job types as research for something I was programming at the time. Then over covid I started learning 2D and 3D animation and creation.

I have been fully focused, every extra minute in front of the computer learning. I have been having a great time with it. Hours seem like minutes, it’s like the day just gets away from you and it almost over. And like you, after 2 years of this, learning 4 different software, shading, lighting, modeling… I decided to open up NetBeans and start to re-code my website.

I have missed programming. It is a nice break but I still find myself back in Blender playing with different settings to see hat kind of bizarre things I can make. Or back in iClone playing with a couple of scenes for a couple of different projects I have been working on.

It’s always nice to have something to take a break with. No matter what you are into, sometimes you need to walk away to avoid burnout. :smiley:

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WOW! Not for lack of trying! OMG! Love that 12 string too!

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Every Sunday at 11:00am, my buddy and I would meet. He was the musically talented, I was the nerd and occasional musical inspirator.

We wrote 20 or 30 pieces of music. I describe them that way because we both stunk at lyrics - so they weren’t songs in the traditional sense.

It was him, me, a drum machine and a bottle of Jack. Every Sunday for a couple years.

I have a couple of them up on YouTube, plus a cover song with another gang of friends.