I love you guys.

Okay, so that sounded wrong. Just stay with me here.

Several years ago, I used to regularly visit the IGN boards. In fact, I believe I ended up with almost 800 posts by the time I left. Anyway, on a recent whim, I decided to check up on my old hangout to see how things were going.

Bad idea.

That place is a gutter. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m so used to the intelligent posters on the elYsiun boards or if that place has truly gone downhill since I last visited, but…blech.

If you don’t believe me, see for yourself. Just watch the new topics as they appear. It’s nothing but mindless drivel and horny teenagers!

I don’t know why (and I may be the only one), but this sort of thing really upsets and disturbs me. I realize that there are many forums just like this (and worse), but now, suddenly, I like elYsiun so much more than I did an hour ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

If I were you, I would remove that link ASAP.

That is quite sad for IGN. I would assume the main cause is too many teens going through puberty and also an apparent lack of any moderation.

The other boards there don’t seem to be too bad though.

I don’t remember where i saw it, but i remember seeing a quote…
“You can’t spell ignorant without IGN”

It’s when a forum is lowered that low :frowning: I had never been to IGN until now, but I’ve heard of it. And it seems as if it’s definitely gone down the drain a lot.

Yeah, but most of use here on ElYsiun are teens, as said by various Age polls :wink:

And there’s a lot of older mature users to keep things under control. Not saying all teens are immature though. :wink:

The least common denomintator.

I think the moderators just gave up. :stuck_out_tongue: Things are pretty slacked over there. We should send Dittohead after them and get the place cleaned up a bit.

Of course not. :slight_smile: There are many teenagers here who I respect greatly.

Ah, so you came down from your ivory tower from where you watch the world? there are a lot of people on those board, and most of them enjoy it proberbly.

This site just has a different taste of drivle.
That’s what multiple communities all is about anyway.

:smiley: I LOVE YOU WHITEBOY!!! :smiley:

Well it’s about time somebody did, you ingrates. :wink:


elysiun is nice.

do any other open source programs have forums like blender?

Well it’s about time somebody did, you ingrates. ;)[/quote]

/me gives whiteboy a manhug!

do any other open source programs have forums like blender?

others have attempted…

anim8or has a new forum (like 200 users)
(i just noticed that anim8or isnt open source…:-?)

and Art of Illusion has a community forum that (IIRC) wanted to become like elYsiun


P.S. \me joins the group hug