I.M.P Cannon

(or a plasma cannon)

This has mostlyu been a texture testing experiment to get more familiar with the UV editor but this will probably end up in a much bigger project.
(plz dont laugh its only my second attempt at a UV map)



only color map done i want to get C&C before i do bump, spec, etc…

Heh. I like it. I like the little halo of light coming out of the front of it. Looks like a good use of the UV editor, I haven’t used it at all, so I’m appropriately impressed.

Go look at my watch! Is the glass better now? :wink:

looks like an Unreal Tournament weapon. :slight_smile: Good work.

oh cool :slight_smile:

how did you get the caution stripes to blend with the brownish metal? was it made that way in the texture?
I’m just curious if there is a way to blend uv textures…

Yeah it was all built into the texture… and no you cant(at least to my knowledge) blend UV textures :frowning:
Here one of the textures i used.


hey! thanks a bunch :slight_smile: that really helps ¶:þ