I made a little hack for my huion displays driver, switch screen on keyboard shortcut

even though i dont know anything about exe hacking , i sat down and actually did it …


it took me 2,5 days though lmao

since some huion models (like my kamvas 22 plus) dont have buttons there was no option to setup the drivers internal switch screen function … it was highly annoying because my old wacom intuos had button and i had to change my workflow and pick up the mouse once in a while to go to another monitor …

this is a memory hack similar to gametrainers. pulled of with the awesome autohotkey but should also be possible in python …

this is a baseline script for any kind of memory hack… just find the right memory pointers and offsets and build your own hack … anyway if you have a huion 22" or 24" without buttons , have fun

ahh yeah , i need someone to test this lol

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maybe this can help make your script better

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thanx for the suggestion , but i hacked the pen driver, not the monitor settings. the script is finished already and works perfect.

i cant be the only one being set up about no keyboard shortcut support(any brand) on pen tablets

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I guess I misunderstood the title LoL