I made a quick video to show how slow Blender is - is this normal?

Undo takes around 30 seconds. Can take up to a minute.

I circle my cursor to indicate the duration of the wait.

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What hardware are you running? That would provide a baseline.

Is it possible for you to share a scene for testing?

I have 32gb RAM and 2 x GTX 1070s.

I can’t really share this exact scene and it really only slows down with large scenes is the thing.

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Download 2.79 and try the same scene- if it works well you can blame its 2.8’s fault. if its same… then u might have to wait as this is a major problem in blender 2.8 :frowning:

Yes, it is normal the reason is why you are not using modifiers to handle those vertices? Did you try to use instancing? Here is a video that is having almost 10 times more the amount vertices you have and it can be managed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YeFzmNZJCXI

Is there a way to import a 2.8 scene in 2.79? Or by using append function?

That is weird really…

well for the sake of testing the performance of the versions- id say just Cntrl+C and V on 2.79

I say, “Ahhhh, Windows”

There’s a thread with 985 replies at the moment where this is being discussed Blender 2.8 Viewport Performance

You’re not the first one to create another thread but I don’t blame you since is not the first time this happens for this particular problem. Actually this proves this is a very important problem, but I think it will take quite some time to solve it. My guess is that we’ll have to wait for 2.84 or something like that.

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I ran my own tests on a huge modelling project that I actually switched to 2.8 when I was nearing the end, and I gotta say it’s definitely 2.8. Blender was never great at undoing, but 2.8 is just awful at it.

Does the same thing on dense sculpts too. A few devs have acknowledged this during streams and there seems to be some pushed to do something about it, but the problem lies with a fundamental way blender handles undoing/ history steps. Like, they cache the WHOLE file and when you undo it rolls back. Something like that.

I haven’t seen this in any of my scenes on Linux. Care to share the .blend so that I can test here, and see if my (somewhat tongue in cheek) reply might actually be accurate?

I’d rather not share the scene. I’m guessing it’s a Windows thing, probably even a Windows 10 thing as Windows 10 is so awful. Just open a few high poly models that amount to about 10 million, maybe throw in some lights and a 4k texture and see how long an undo is. It’s fairly reproducible in 2.8/Windows.

sadly this is just how Blender is atm. 2.8 is a big step for blender but performance wise there is some catching up to do before Blender can become an industry standard application. Game artists especially need to have some more patience.