I made a site for free heightmaps + raffle for uploaders


I just launched a beta version of my site DEPTHFIELDS. It’s a free resource site for heightmaps. Everyone can submit or download heightmaps there. Inspired from personal need for free heightmaps quickly and without a hassle.

Currently, only me and my friend have uploaded few dozen maps there. In order for the site to be useful to people, it needs more people to submit heightmaps. That’s why I want to give a bit of an incentive for the Blender community to share their heightmaps on the site.

I will host a raffle 1st of October where one lucky submitter wins 100€ worth of Steam Keys. Every approved submission counts as one raffle ticket so the more you submit, the better your chances to win.

All the submissions to the site will be licensed under Creative Commons 0, (for now) so submit only maps that you want to release as public domain.

If you guys like the site so far and start using it, I’ll do my best to work on it to make it better and to roll out features that you guys suggest. The site currently has some stability issues and only has very basic features.

If you have any feedback regarding the site, you can either reply under this post or use the contact form on the site.

This is cool ! Thanks man, just registered. Will try to upload one or two things.

i tend to make full planet / minor planet / KBO’s / asteroids/ and so on
or height maps from real astronomical data , like the images of Ceres from the Dawn spacecraft

i am NOT seeing many “heightmaps” but a TON of shaded relief

this is not a heightmap

things like this DEM of the minor body Ceres - 32 bit float in Meters/radii
or ( sfs from PIA19993.tiff )

@Hadriscus: Thanks! Looking forward to see your submissions :slight_smile:

@JohnVV: Nice looking heightmaps! The site is seriously lacking in space-related heightmaps so I’m sure your uploads would be very popular on the site.

The shaded reliefs are just thumbnail images, illustrating what the heightmap in question can be used. For me, it seemed better to use something made with the heightmap as thumbnail rather than the map itself. The actual download is just the heightmap.

You are free to use the actual heightmaps themselves as thumbnail for your own submissions though. That’s what my friend did with his uploads.

I also had a moment of doubt, but it’s more intuitive to illustrate the heightmaps with actual renders. It gives a better idea of what the outcome will be.

Thought so too :slight_smile: