i made an import-export add-on and now?


i made an import-export add-on… is there a chance to share it on wiki.blender.org, for “normal” human beeings?

its a “MilkShape3D MS3D (.ms3d)” importer and exporter for Blender 2.60a.
my internsions/motivation, to make an add-on for blender 2.6, came from an other community that whishes a free 3D model tool that supports exporting MilkShape3D compatible files…

… for more information see folow that link:

but maybe that add-on is also helpful for other peoples…
so i want to share it on wiki.blender.org … but how can i do it?
the script contains already the wiki link like this:

please, can somebody tell me the steps, how to bring my addon to the wiki.blender.org page

Best submit it to our extension tracker.


Then we can give you access to add it to our Testing section of addons *(also known as contrib)