I made mountains!


I’m pretty excited! I finally figured out a decent way to make mountains with foilage. I just used static particles and kept tweaking the settings…

Any comments/crits are appreciated.

i prefer the water , really well made !

sweeeet! I like the water. the mountains are pretty brown… is it fall season? probably is. maybe the fishing bob is a hint to that…you know, fishing season? anyways…good job :slight_smile:


Still ain’t caught nothin’!

Thanks for the comments…

I would be interested to know if anyone else has methods of creating mountains covered with trees.

I’m not very experienced with this, but couldn’t you model a simple tree and use dupliverts so the particle system would use the tree instead of particles?

Well, I’ve tried that actually, and it’s just that you get the same tree all over the mountain. It turns out not to look so good.

If it is possible to use dupliverts and get a realistic effect, I haven’t been able to find out how.