I made the art work to this SPOTIFY song in Blender 2.49 b


Here is the link Link to song in Spotify

Welcome :tada:
that’s… nice… maybe…

…but to be honest: if i have to register on spotify to see some of your animations… well… so not i nor you will attain anything from this…only from those who are already on this place… :person_shrugging:

Good luck.

I composed and performed the music also.

I just want to say it is not wrong to gain something from your own work.

“War and Piece.by Waste Fifty.” Will be out in a day on Apple music.

Keep on modelling. I downloaded latest Blender today.

Could someonw 3d model a better guitar for my next song ?

ps Actually I was here at blenderartists when it was with different name some 20 years ago allmost.
and at that time did ok art, like many others. The realism has increased in general.