I made this woman model its free for all you Blender users

One of my hobies is sculpting people out of real stone, so i was curious if i could do it also in blender.
So i made this Girl model, bettergirl.blend (728 KB) , i started with a surface, added mirror modifier, and started editing meshes in edit mode.
Sometimes i used sculpting mode to but that was only to tune it slightly, some smoothing and well that was it.
I admit hands and feet are simple, i wasnt that good in editing these small things in Blender, dough the main torso seams quite good i think, I created a bit to much polygons in the breasts but i couldnt revert that when i crashed ( i was happy blender has autosave and that you can recover from it ).

The model is about 3450 polygons, not too high i think, and not extreme low poly, she looks human to me, not anime.
I think the torso is natural but the breasts are quite big (sorry) i was think with smoothing things get smaller, but it worked out different all the shaping work i did on them.

You Blender users are all free to use it i provide a link below, as long as you share her for free for Blender users only.
You can use her comercial and do whatever you like to do with this model.
Give me a note if you improved here ( i kept the mirror still on ) or if you can RIG here, or if you put here into second life, or if you gave her a skin, I am not that good in blender to do such things.

Give me a note if you make something fun with here i’ll be interested what people can make of her…
Will she becomme a fashion model or …well whatever - sharing is fun i think

Oh and she looks quite good in just normal solid view, the view in which i created her.

bettergirl.blend (728 KB)

as rendered by cycles