I make a comic book with Blender (new page)

Hello folks,
First of all, sorry for my bad english
Yeah, that’s right, i have decided to make a full 3d comic book with Blender, in the goal to be publish:yes:
Let me show you my work (for the moment, 3 complete pages) :


Page 2

Page 3

Everythings are made with Blender, excepted the shadows and black edge of Tommy and the monster, and some color adjustement (Photoshop)

That’s all for the moment

Hi !
Very well done !
I came to Blender 3 years ago with in mind the idea of putting in images (a book) a Sci Fi story that I had written. As I’m not very good in 2D drawing, I wanted to try it in 3D.
I discovered that 3D was a so huge universe that I spent 3 years learning and making short movie sequences, and my book project became a movie project,and it could even stay a project for a long time !
So, keep your goal in the eye line, and good luck in your book project ! It seems to have well started.

seems ok, I would have used blender rendered shadows, and mirror effects etc., but maybe you prefer the look you have.

Have you ever played the game XIII? This reminds me of it, it has the same 3d comic sort of style:yes:
Very good work so far, keep it up:D

Looks great !

The materials and lighting are really well done.

What kind of lights did you use for “page1”, the first panel “hallway” ? (AO … area lights ?)

How did you do the ceiling lights?

If you need characters, take a look at my “Best of Blender” thread which has links to all the best character rigs
that have been posted here on B.A…


This is just briliant, tase. Really excelent work. I would not guess this was done in Blender.

It would be great to see some materials or lighting settings.

:slight_smile: it looks like some blenderartists really do not need freestyle ( http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=89986 )

I agree these look GREAT.
The environment is very cool- very inspiring.
Can you tell us about how you made the edges and shading?

Fantastic new fresh style. Your own unique signature is on these pictures. good job. AND 99% blender is even better!!! Good luck being published. Definately shop these around to publishers.

Nice style - i hope you publish it in English as well

Very nice style but I would think a bit more about the page layouts. A fresh hyper-modern style of illustration requires a dynamic page layout, not rows of rectangles.

Try using one major image to set the scene and a bunch of smaller images to tell the story in detail. Try rendering some with no background and just floating them on the page (deep-etched) so they can lay over some of the rectangles. Try overlapping some of the rectangles, using circles, ovals, parallelograms, swirls, spirals and so on. Use small circular images to connect two rectangular images. Go to town on the layout.

I’m probably too old to give specific advice for a modern audience so look around the news stands for more ideas on different ways to do it.

Thanks for your comments:yes:

Now, it’s time for some explications :
For the lighting , i’ve only used the radiosity (there is no other source of light, the level adjustments are made in postprod).
For the edges, it’s a little bit more complicate :
There is three kinds of edges :
The firsts are made directly on the textures
The seconds are made with a edge render pass in Blender, and convert in path in photoshop
Then, the thirds are made in photoshop (path tool)
Mixe them all, et voilà

For the shading, i’ve use a shadeless material (for Tommy and the creature), and the radiosity solution for the scenes.
Shadows are made in postprod in photoshop.

For the layouts, i prefere, for the moment, something of more classic;).

To be continued

That’s a really cool way of working it. Nice job.

The sounds like a lot of work, but the results really paid off.

I love the feel of the light in the environment.

A new page, with text (sorry for those how don’t speak french ;))