I may need help on "AP1538"

(CubeFan973) #1

For those of you lucky enough to not know what “AP1538” is, it’s an “upcoming online anthology series.” There’s no running storyline, there’s no main theme, there’s not even a narrator. It’s a bunch of stories, obviously inspired by “The Twilight Zone”’ in terms of story structure (especially the twist ending… I’m hoping nobody will guess what the endings will be successfully).

I’ve got one problem. I’ve got so many ideas of stories, but no enthusiasm to write every script, animate every character, and publish every episode!

Little Quiz For Replies:

  1. What do you think of anthology series in general?
    A: They’re cool
    B: They’re boring
    C: They’re mixed
    D: Other

  2. Would you be willing to help me?
    A: Yeah, right! Like that’d happen!
    B: Sure, it sounds pretty cool
    C: Sure, maybe I’ll improve the stories
    D: Other

  3. What kind of job would you like?
    A: Writer (note: I’ve planned out the episodes, and would hope that you’d stick closely to the original story ideas)
    B: Modeller
    C: Animator (this includes rendering)
    D: Publisher
    E: Voice Actor
    G: Other

  4. Which of these 5 stories sound the best for the first episode?
    A: A shrinking room has a claustrophobic man trapped
    B: An amnesiac time travels to figure out who he is
    C: An alien planet prepares for approaching humans
    D: Two robots are hiding in an apartment building, and plan differently for the humans’ fate
    E: 3 astronauts go to their quarters to find versions of themselves there already
    F: An underground government base is invaded by demons
    G: You’re too weird!
    H: Other (yeah, right)

  5. What do you think of this idea?
    A: You have got too much time, don’t you?
    B: That sounds pretty weird
    C: What’s an ‘antholojy?’
    D: You always do this kind of thing! Try something with a plot
    E: Other

PS: Some little details. The series isn’t neccesarily supposed to look photo-real; if it looks 3D, that works. We’d probably have to model lots of characters, but in the style of a good anthology, we can always have returning models. I’m a geek. I’m not telling you the endings unless you agree to work on it.

(Turrin) #2

Wow, I was the first to read this post. First time that’s ever happened. Anyway, I think the idea has potential. I would help some, but afraid of not having the time. I would help with modeling. Let us see the progress of this thing!

(CubeFan973) #3

Episode Summaries For AP1538

Episode 1: “The Station” A man wakes up on a space station to find that it has been overrun by robots.

Episode 2: “Claustrophobia Room” A man falls through a trap door into a small room. Unfortunately, he’s a claustrophobic, and the room is shrinking.

Episode 3: “The Amnesiac” An amnesiac is used as an experiment in time travel, but he screws the experiment up to find out who he is.

Episode 4: “Assault” Humans are approaching the planet of Karalisis, and everybody gets as paranoid as possible.

Episode 5: “Like They Were” A man wakes up one day to find that everybody has changed overnight, but they claim that nothing’s happened.

Episode 6: “Bacteria” A man finds a crashed meteor in his backyard. Strangely, he feels himself changing, and he begins to turn into a monster.

Episode 7: “Visitors” Two people come into a future president’s office in what seems to be an attempt to save him from disappearing for 15 years.

Episode 8: “War On Aliens” Some soldiers realize that they’re not headed into battle with illegal aliens, but aliens from another planet.

Episode 9: “3x2” After a strange experiment, three astronauts return to their quarters, only to find that there are versions of themselves already there.

Episode 10: “Temporal Wake” When two time-traveling policemen accidentally erase mankind, they must travel to a leftover high school to get the timeline back to normal.

Episode 11: “Apocalypse Robot” A robot has been designed to destroy the world, but the robot doesn’t want to in fear of killing his creator.

Episode 12: “Underground” An underground government base encounters demons after a bizarre earthquake.

Episode 13: “Yet Another Dimension” A man discovers an alternate dimension where color doesn’t exist.

Episode 14: “Another Plot To Kill Hitler” A girl is kidnapped from 2001 and told to kill Hitler before he rises to fame.

Episode 15: “The Power” A device allows a man to have strange psychic powers that, sure enough, he abuses.

Episode 16: “Time Curving” While experimenting with a form of time travel, some scientists accidentally release a monster from an alternate timeline.

Episode 17: “I’m Mortal” A man jumps off a building, but survives the landing. He decides to put his power to use when nuclear missiles approach.

Episode 18: “Warp Speed” When some astronauts go to “warp speed,” they are warped to Jupiter right before asteroids hit it.

Episode 19: “Expanding” An astronaut discovers the expanding wall of the universe, and after tearing it down, gets trapped in a shrinking universe.

Episode 20: “The Game Field” After some weird encounters with co-workers, a programmer discovers that his real co-workers are stuck in a video game he’s making.

Episode 21: “Energy Creatures” An accident at a power plant creates bizarre beings that steal energy from all forms of matter, which soon take action.

Episode 22: “Dreaming” A man finds himself in a dream state that soon begins to warp itself around–literally, figuratively, and in his case, mentally.

Episode 23: “The New Neighbors” Some new people at an apartment building are actually robots with two different plans of what to do with humanity.

(valarking) #4

Please, for God’s sake just start the damn thing.

(CubeFan973) #5

I’ve tried. It’s not as easy as it seems. (DUH!) I can’t get the location modelled for the first episode.

(valarking) #6

Welcome to the wonderful world of advanced 3d.

(phlip) #7

In the interest of short messages:
See first post to find out what it means

(ScottishPig) #8

1: D
2: A
4: F
5: E

really cool idea. Good luck.

(valarking) #9

Lets see…

I’ll make ya a few models…

(CubeFan973) #10

Cool! Hmm… now I’ve got to organize the project… and get a website already!

(cree) #11

I spent 3 months animating a 2 minute music video by myself. I was working an average of 12 to 14 hours , 7 days a week on it.

23 episodes x 60 minutes= 1380 minutes/ 1.5 months per minute= 920 months/12 months per year= 76.6666 years

At that rate, you would need about a 100 people to work on this project for you on a volunteer basis for a period of a year to get it done.

Sorry, I have other things to do.

(CubeFan973) #12

Actually, the series isn’t going to be an hour long each episode. It’ll be most likely less than 10 minutes for one episode.

I think they’d probably be about 3 minutes.

(cree) #13

Nonetheless, it would still take a single person 3.83 years to do 23 episodes. That’s if they don’t burnt out first. You can always get 4 people to work on it for a year. A word of advice: people lose motivation and interest very quickly when they work for free. You should do an episode by yourself, and you would realize the amount of work involved and perhaps if you are still motivated in three or four months if you manage to finish the job, then it would be easier to recruit volunteers once you had something concrete like a finished quality original project to stir up some excitement.

(CubeFan973) #14

Actually, I’ve been fooling around with the idea of an anthology for over a year. One idea out of three from the original idea is still intact, though in a rather different form from the original version (“Another Plot To Kill Hitler”), so I think the ideas can survive 4 years.

(cree) #15

True, in four years, you might be able to hire people to do these things professionally.

(Timonides) #16

Hi CubeFan973!!!

Actually I don’t agree with cree… Yes it might be difficult, to do these things, but a stubborn man, along with some fools, to follow him could do some wonderful things… even change the world (Naahhh, forget about that… :stuck_out_tongue: ).

But anyway, he’s right about one thing… It will be hard to raise the interest a bit, about the project, unless you actually start something and show at least, some nice pics to the people!!!

BTW. Have you checked your private messages lately???


(acasto) #17

I guess you’ve never seen a manic work before :wink: 8)

(cree) #18

Yes, I have. They work on thousands of grandiose unrealistic projects at once, burnt out two weeks later, give up, and never get any of them done. It’s your business if you want to do these things, but I all I am saying is that producing 23 QUALITY!!! episodes requires hard work, commitment, dedication, ability to take direction, and yes…humility, rather than just idle talk . It takes 100’s of highly talented people to produce something like Ice Age, Shrek, Final Fantasy. They also have millions of dollars to make sure the animators can buy groceries and pay the rent or the mortgage. Sure, you can get people to help voluntarily, but how much time do you realistically expect them to commit to a project other than their own? At that rate, it takes forever to get anything done because people tend to get bored or sidetracked in a few months and the project usually ends up getting shelved because of the lack of commitment. Does that answer your question? I’m not being negative. I can tell the difference between being realistic, pragmatic and being unrealistic. I am not trying to discourage anyone; I am trying to make someone realize that they should try it out for themselves, see what is involved, and maybe tone down several hundred notches. As it stands, it sounds like someone trying to accomplish too much.

(acasto) #19

Grandiose maybe, but only unrealistic to those who lack the vision. Many major things in history have happened and been created by someone with an idea that was considered grandiose and unrealistic.

BTW… we get many of the things we start done.

(Timonides) #20

I agree with acasto…

Getting involved with Blender and CG, was an unrealistic and grandiose project of mine (under my given circumstances…) but I’m still here…

I may start thousands of projects, that may not get finished ever, but then there’s always somewhere a project worth giving my whole energy and commitmet, which definetely won’t burn out…

I don’t suggest that you are completely wrong… In most cases what you are describing here, happens to be the rule!!! But then again there always are exceptions to the rules…

BTW. Wasn’t raising 100,000 EUR to free Blender a grandiose and unrealistic project in the first place???