I may need help on "AP1538"

(cree) #21

Yes, there are always exceptions to the rule. Raising 100k Euros wasn’t unrealistic, because Ton had a plan, he is pragmatic, and wasn’t expecting something unrealistic like raising 1 billion Euros. Back to the 23 episodes, do you have a couple years to spare to render it. Adam, you might work like a manic but does your computer render like one? There are only 24 hours in a day. 23 episodes won’t get done by tomorrow morning or next year. Come down to earth. You can have as many visions as you want. Anyways, do what you want. You can dream about reaching the stars all you want, which is fine by itself, but you have to build something like a spaceship to get there in order for it to become a reality and convince people that your not just another flake. A lot of has been accomplished throughout as a result of vision but most were not the result of wet dream attempts to recreate and recycle old ideas . Boys, prove me wrong by producing 23 episodes. Otherwise, this conversation is becoming rather pointless because I have just proven my point.

(acasto) #22

I don’t have time to work on this, I was just arguing that great things can happen when someone puts their mind into it.

I am one, type-1 bipolar which means I spend quite a bit of my life in mania. My computer alone dosn’t render like a manic (although it is overclocked, so I guess it’s a little manic), but there is always multiple solutions. Since I’m up mostly at night, I have access to around 9 systems (most with linux on some partition) in which I could use to render. Although I have never used them as such, I made sure to give the capabilities to do so, if I ever wanted to. Mania can be quite productive if you learn to anticipate and plan accordingly as to be able to harness the creative rush instead of letting it pass in a moment of craziness. As I am very interested in theoretical physics, one thing I have learned is that you must learn to state your objective to your actions. Reaching the stars may be a task, but you must ask why you want to reach the stars? For instance, we have many questions about the speed of light, because we can not go and observe at that speed, we must bring that speed to us through thought experiments and mathematics. So you could either decided to try and reach the stars, or to bring the stars to you.

(cree) #23

I was making an analogy about ideas and making your ideas real and concrete I was not arguing about physics. It’s an expression like “going for gold”. Don’t get me wrong, I like you, you have a lot of guts. You remind me of someone I know. We argue all the time. I wasn’t interested in crushing anyone’s dreams. I was merely pointing out to Cube that he is probably taking on to big of a project. Tone it down and take a step at a time.

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One step at a time? One episode at a time?

I don’t care if I’m going to work on it for 4 years. I’d give myself breaks (not very wise, but I’m keeping whatever sanity I have), and I’m not very fast with rendering, but that’s why I sometimes just let it render while I’m in bed. Other times I just wait, doing something else.

The project may be huge, but it’s not going to be “Alfred Hitchcock Presents,” which was on for a rather long time.

(cree) #25

Don’t forget to eat and sleep as well. Good luck, hope it goes well.

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Raising 100k Euros wasn’t unrealistic, because Ton had a plan, he is pragmatic, and wasn’t expecting something unrealistic like raising 1 billion Euros.

Well, I don’t really know Ton that good… but I agree with you that he seems pragmatic… But forgive me, by the time the fund raising started, it really looked like an unrealistic goal to achieve!!! I have seen a lot of fund raising for far more nobble causes, that haven’t managed to gather not even a nickle!!! And that’s because people do not care, or are suspicious about such things…

Ton only had a vision and was fortunate to have enough “fools” ( :wink: ) to support the whole plan… But that’s only my opinion and we should not turn this to a debate about Blender Foundation…

On the other hand producing 23 episodes allthough hard, is not like raising a billion EUR after all!!!

This is about CubeFan’s project… And I think his project will not burn out, unless he allows himself to let this happen… :wink:

But you are right, about one thing: He has to take it easy and take one step at a time…


(cree) #27

Exactly, one step at a time and don’t forget to sleep and eat. As for Blender, I didn’t open that discussion…Skontar did. Anyways, I am really not interested in discussing the Blender Foundation. I was merely referrring to grand projects that people want to embark on and I was pointing out if they realized the magnitude of the work involved to accomplish such goals. Hey… just look at the credits at the end of major animations…
they never end because it takes armies of people, years, and millions of dollars to get them done. Besides, 23 / 3 minutes episodes is still 69 minutes of animation. Skontar, when was the last time you produced 69 minutes of animation. Have you ever tried? If you produced one minute of animation, how long did it take you?. Multiply that by 69. That’s my point.

(Timonides) #28

Hi cree… :smiley:

My intention wasn’t to open a discussion about B.F. either… I was trying to give an example of what people are capable of, when they are determined and prepared to sacrifice a few things, dispite the difficulties, in order to make their dream come true…

Actually me and some others, are about to make such an animation (approximately 60 mins…). I assure you that I know very well the difficulties of such a task!!! But if we had taken into account only the difficulties, we wouldn’t start it in the first place… That’s why most people don’t start anything… because they just sit there and calculate only the difficulties… When they finnish their calculations, all the excitement is gonne!!! Then they just quit!!! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Perhaps our project will burn out… ( :frowning: ) Perhaps even CubeFan’s to… In such case I will not give up… I’ll start something else… 8) That’s the whole point!!! Setting goals!!! You don’t have to succeed in every one of them…

The real winner is the one that says: “Oh!!! What the heck… It’s difficult allright, but I’ll give it a try… I’ll do it just because… it is there!!!” :wink:


(cree) #29

Well, some people forget to calculate before attempting anything and half way through their projects they realize that they have run out of time, money, or energy. Anyways, I won’t discourage you from trying what you want and will wish you the best and sincerest of luck.

(acasto) #30

Man… I have to admit though, you are rite about getting burnt out or discouraged and giving up. I was getting ready to start an animation today, and needed my blender book… I looked across the room to the bookshelve and just thought… “too far…too far… ahhhh… screw it!”

(Timonides) #31

That’s true to… I think the best way to succed when attempting to deal with such “grandiose” projects, is to have some balance between action and consideration…

Too much consideration has the same effect as getting overenthousiast… dissapointment!!!

I thank you for your wishes and I wish you to, the best of luck to your projects my friend… :smiley:


p.s.: acasto, don’t tell me that your bookshelve is really that far from your desk!!! :smiley: I don’t believe you…(unless you have a really HUGE house… :stuck_out_tongue: ) :wink:

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No kidding! I was going to do one today, but couldn’t find my brick wall texture. Hehehe.