I mean, come on, who does that?


My question to you is: WHY?
Also, why would you bid on it if you can get it for free? lol
Not saying Blender isnt worth paying for, but…

And you know this person is just downloading the stuff for free and compiling it on a CD…

Because not all people have the capabilties of downloading software within a reasonable time. It is perfectly legal and they arent selling the software just the CD carrying the software and other extras. I used to do that with Openoffice.

Question is do they have to sourcecode on the disc? If it doesn’t THAT is illegal.

Yes then it is illegal. But IF they are smart enough to exploit blender for some cash then they should be smart enough to grab the sourcecode.

So you’re saying if i sold a DVD and it happened to have a movie on it… lol j/k

seriously, it’s like a 5 meg download… i used to do that all the time back when we had a .:dun dun dun:. 33.6k modem…
sure, it took like an hour and a half +, but if i really wanted something…
all i’ve got to say is thank f**k for high speed cable :smiley:

And i doubt that it has source, none o fthe other illegal discs on ebay do (trust me, there’s illegal discs on ebay… a frind of mine got his account suspended for selling a copy of windows 2000)

Hmm, now that’s an idea. I have like like 2gigs of Blender-related stuff on my HDD. Nah, but I do share my Blender-folder(all 2 gigs) when I’m on DC++, trying to spread the word about legal 3d-software wherever I go :Z

sad but predictable.

There is dishonesty here which goes against the spirit of Blender. Even were this a legitimate selling on of second hand goods (ie had been bought and not simply downloaded and copied onto disk), the seller should at least tell people that they could get it free from the makers. And given that the people need an internet connection to view this page, it does not take much of a leap to simply paste the url into the advertisement at the bottom of the page. Even on a modem, the Blender download does not take aeons.

GCat is appalled and disgusted but not surprised

Well if you read down it also carries texture and sound extras, for just $3:50 its not bad.

Yea the extras are what really makes it even worht buying. But then again I download a ton of textrures every week and use maybe 5 tops.

Reminds me of an auction I saw some time ago. This guy had printed out these “rare” piano scores (which I have dozens of in pdf form) gave them a cheap binding and sold them for $250-600. What a frickin genius. I think it’s illegal, but I’m not sure. They are transcriptions of pieces by older composers, done by a pianist who died 20 years ago.

Yeah, but its still dishonest. An honest advert would have said…

a) You can get it free (url)
b) The only thing thats not free are these textures/sounds which I have decided to charge you for (at whatever price people are prepared to bid for)
c) There’s lots of free resources at Blender.org and the Blender community at elyiun and elsewhere

… which would mean that the consumer is informed and not deceived. It’s quite possible that the textures and sounds are unbelievably brilliant, but looking at the advert which this person put together, its not the BONUS bits which they are selling.

I repeat, Dishonest. A single person only managing to get $3.50 for essentially misrepresenting what they are selling is one thing. But I wonder what would happen if lots of people started doing the same thing? It would be interesting to know what Ton’s attitude to this is.

Maybe I over-react, but this is the sort of thing which threatens Blender IMO

Whenever I sold OpenOffice I included the URL for it.
If i didnt then the website wouldnt let me sell it.
That person should have gotten permission before selling it.

I wonder if endi has seen this… wouldn’t they need his permission to use his bulldog image? I think that I have seen the other 2 examples too but I remembered the name of the revolver pic so I could search for the artist. If you look real close at the bottom right of the images it says " copyright by origional author"…

in fact, ALL of the “samples” have been copyrighted, and it doesn’t say that they got permission from the artists…

All samples are the properties of their authors and are not related to Parks Software.

heh. that is dishonest advertisement…


It’s not so much the $3.50 price tag that gets me, it does include textures and sounds. But $4.00 for shipping for a cd.

With a 56K modem, it took me 20 minutes to download the Linux version b. I don’t think it worth the 3.50 + 4.00 shipping for me.

But maybe a new user can find handy to have the manual and tutorial on the cd!

illegal you say?

so, you may sell gpl software, there are conditions to this [modifications to the software must be distributed if you distribute modified software for example].

from what I remember, GPL software doesn’t need to be distributed with the source code, but rather the source has to be avaible in machine-readable [aka: binary] form; so, selling copies of blender [unless the copyright holders object] is also not illegal

[I’m too lazy to read over the GPL again and find this stuff]

however, the redistribution of the other files depends on their license and their copyright, which is not likely as forgiving.

umm, nevermind

… that’s interesting, so downtime of the cvs servers can violate the gpl?..

This is sad and funny at the same time! :frowning: :slight_smile:
BTW, tigerdirect was selling openoffice too, but for $50!

hehe… that’s like selling snow machine to eskimos. brillient idea!

Yeah, why pay $50 when you can get it here, and with Firefox, for just $30? :expressionless: %|