I might know the reason for my troubles with blender

Recently, I went to the optometrist to have a look at my eye, since it was hit with a wiffle ball. Other than diagnosing it as a sort of corneal scarring, which healed, he also came to the conclusion that my sensory function of my eyes are not as good as they should be. Having Brown’s Syndrome from birth (an eye muscle becoming too tight, in my case the Inferior Adductor Muscle in the left eye) that was corrected when I was two. I’m also only able to see out of one eye at a time, and my right eye is better than my left, so it’s usually that one. The left eye can see only 20/40, so it’s just used for peripheral vision, unless I consciously use it. My brain is getting two different images and using the better one, shutting off the other one, which explains why my left eye is somewhat closed unless I consciously open it. Apart from all that irrelevant stuff, the thing I found most intriguing is that it may be affecting my spacial perception, in that I could do the spacial reasoning of a 2nd grader, yet my IQ is high from what I’ve heard. Do you think this may affect my work in blender?

probably somewhat, but on the other hand, using blender probably improves your spatial reasoning.

Hey don’t worry. No one is perfect. No doubt there are things you can do better than others who don’t have your limitations. I’m good at sprinting short distances, and at long distance I can’t pace.

I’d say that good spacial reasoning would be beneficial in 3d modeling to begin with, but I’m with Modron here. I’m fairly sure that continued manipulation of 3d models would improve your spatial reasoning skills.

As a builder who has to study 2d representations of buildings and construct them in the real world (sometimes from mirrored plans :rolleyes:), I’m pretty good with visualising 3d constructs in my mind’s eye, but even so, I’m sure my spatial reasoning has improved markedly as a result of modeling using Blender.

Occasionally I get an optical illusion when modeling (especially in wireframe when I’m tired ;)) whereby I think that I’ve somehow reversed the viewing controls for rotation when in fact I’ve mentally flipped the model to percieve the back of it as the front to give the illusion of reversing the rotations. Zooming out, switching to solid view/object mode etc. quickly restore my perception. Perhaps you might experience this a little more often than me, but with time you should improve as I have.

I guess what I’m saying is don’t feel limited. We all see only a 2d representation of our models on our screens so this won’t be affected by your reduced depth perception and the brain is designed for learning so use of 3d modeling software will most likely help with your spatial reasoning. It’s yet another reason to use this great software. :wink:

Have fun. :slight_smile:

As always, I will always try. I thought I was good at spacial reasoning, as I can sense “the other side of things” before I see them, like I could create a top-down drawing of the optometrist’s room (which apparently he didn’t like) by looking at them from the side. I just get confused on the move from a group of vertices to the finished model. Do you usually create them from manually edited primitives, use modifiers on primitives, or work on individual verteces?

You could always try to strengthen the eye by trying to see just through it, this is what could be done if the problem is like lazy eye, which the doctor sees with one of my eyes somewhat as a result of the other eye being dominent in seeing.

My brother is getting all 4 muscles in each eye cut,then stitched to put it simply.
A very slight crossing can screw everything up with perception.
My sister,who also has dwains got a milder surgery than my brother is going to get.
Being 8 months old at the time,she was doing better in a week(Functional,could do things) and now 3 months later she is 99% healed.
I’m not sure if you could ever get depth perception,since you loose the chance to get it the older you get.
But if you got that one muscle corrected,
you might have a shot with better vision.
(Just a thought)
To make you feel better I have 20/2400 vision,
with glasses 20/70.
I use blender fine,I don’t think you’ll have much of a problem with using Blender.