I miss some things

I miss views & posts counters in thead lists. Ok, I have posts counts in the image tooltip, but it’s slow to see. If it’s too clutter, put it in grey or something similar, at least posts count.

I miss also thread pages navigation at top, currently it’s only at bottom. Furthermore it’s somewhat strange there are only 3 visible pages in navigation while there are 5 in thread list. There should be 5 or more visible pages in threads.

The logo at the top should be a link to the forum home page. I find myself a lot of times clicking the featured image instead the little link under it labelled “Blender Artists Forums”

I miss being it centered, but I’m getting used to it, so it’s not an issue.

Besides these things, It’s a very nice design I think.

We already have a official thread about the new layout, find it in News & Discussion, a sticky thread.