I miss the gritty 2.49 AO renders

Can I not get that same industry standard look that I used to get with 2.49? All the tutes offered for 2.6x look like ass. My renders have hideous banding! Looks like 1994.

Where’s the cool dirt??!?

what are you talking about?

2.6 AO looks good to me

Reduce the Samples in Gather, don’t use Approximate, which is inherently smoother than Raytraced, use Constant QMC and 1 sample, use Multiply, not Add – should be noisier/grittier.

Yeah, that’s your opinion.

i actually know what you’re talking about; i kinda like 2.49’s AO a little better too, but it takes SO LONG compared to 2.6x with its raytracing optimizations. mais c’est la vie.

can you be a bit more specific? You are using AO, not AAO, right? (it’s easy to get banding with AAO)

What are your settings?

There are some changes in functionality, but basic AO should look pretty much the same

The AO looking different in 2.6 would be expected if you’re also using the environmental lighting option. The closest you can get to 2.49 is to disable environmental lighting and setting the blend mode to multiply.

It might also see that it’s not as gritty due to the more realistic falloff created by enabling the color management option, but you can use the AO data available through the material nodes to increase the contrast along with changes other things like the blending mode to make it more ‘gritty’ as the person asking this intends.

ahh, you’re right. after learning about what it did, i just set color management on as part of my defaults. i’d completely forgotten how much of a difference that little checkbox makes.

Hey… show us what you did. What you saw. And, as the case may be, how you fixed it. Show us…