i miss you mates

hello people

i miss you all in the game engine subforum , i left the GE stuff at the time when there were logic states and such , will be back now :smiley: , in that time , improved my modeling skills and learned rigging and animation and more python !!

got some local paid jobs with BGE also advanced in the university ā€œmechatronics engineeringā€ , also changed my mentality a lot !! :rolleyes:

so , yes , 3dguru is back !! , just heating up to get back to the engine , i will rain you with awesome A++ video tutorials and tricks on blender GE [ new content , montaged and illustrated , high quality ā€¦ etc etcā€¦ ] , also , will be starting some revision threads with you , yes , will not be shy to ask you some questions to revise !! LOL

i love you all ā€¦

lol. Okay thenā€¦we love you tooā€¦I guessā€¦ :stuck_out_tongue: