I modled a ship, now what?

So I decided to model a ship and I finally did. but now I need to texture it but I don’t know what kind of textures would be good with this ship and I don’t know where to find good textures too. I know I can go to cgtextures.com and find metal textures there but I don’t know how I could use a single small picture for a big ship, nor do I think tiling a bunch of random pictures together would look to appealing either. What would be the best way to go about this?

Can you show any example images of how you want the ship to look?
I think quite a variety of texture styles could fit the model.

Well, heck … the only “limit” is your imagination. What would you like to do next? “Blender awaits thy command!” :smiley:

One thing that’s often used in situations like this is called projection painting. (Google it and start reading or watching.)

This is a very elegant solution to problems like this, that sort-of works like this:

  • First, as always, you have to “unwrap” your model. But in this case you don’t necessarily have to get too “fussy” about how you do it. In fact, this is a rather perfunctory step… you’ll see.
  • Now, you need to select some textures (bitmaps…) that you’re going to use somewhere on your starship.
  • Finally, you are literally going to start “painting the textures onto” (!) your starship! Having first in step #1 spelled-out how the pixels are going to be mapped onto the surface of your ship, and then as part of step #2 having specified how pixels should be slurped-up from the textures you picked out, you literally start painting pixels from (as many sources as you like) to a destination bitmap that’s going to become the final image-texture of your model.

It’s a perfectly natural approach which will actually make you feel like you aren’t manipulating a mathematical model in cyber-space: “there’s this thing there, just behind the surface of my monitor, and I’m, like, painting it with some over-glorified 3D version of Photoshop’s ‘magic wand’ tool.”

When you’re finished, you’ll see that you actually created a (probably very strange-looking!) bitmap that, when applied to your model using the UV-unwrapping (whatever it was…) that you used in step #1, magically makes your starship look awesome.

Wanna fiddle with it some more? Sure! Feel free!

(And when you’re done painting, there’s no drop-cloths to clean up and your fingers are as spotless as before. Sure beats real ink and paint all to heck…)

Show us your progress!

Tip: turn off the intensity of the spectacular, it burns my eyes.

The kind of material I think I would like to go with is from battlestar galactica. I like the paneling but not the verticle colums on the ship. What would be the best render engine to use, cycles or blender internal?

I think “painting” it is a good idea but I’m going to have to learn how to do that because that is all new to me.

I suggest Unwrap and use of PS/gimp for texturing. it will give you more more control.

for the ship, use a base metal texture, and use layers to add other details.