I must rant about Paint Shop Pro 9

I bought Paint Shop Pro 9 about 3 years ago for $199. Biggest waste of fucking money ever. Why didn’t I just go with the GIMP in the first place?

I fucking hate this program. Everything takes 15 extra clicks. And half the things have no shortcut keys. Not only that, its buggy as fuck and crashes all the time. The help files hardly ever link to what the fuck they are talking about. Customer support is a fucking joke, half the time,it insists its computer has found the answer to your question, so it will not forward the email. Want a script for something… OK… ten dollars, from some dude on the internet… of course, it would be nice if it were part of the package in the first place.


Every time I start using this program, I meltdown in a cavalcade of cusswords and punching walls. It is such a sack of fucking shit. Even picking a color sometimes takes 20 seconds, because it takes time to load all the textures and materials. Every time!!! What the fuck were they thinking? Almost every task has memory problems!!! It runs like a 500 pound hog uphill. Its such a joke… what a fucking sack of shit

Dammit, I have to go punch more shit!!!

I have PSP 7 and it never crashes and things are pretty straightfoward. I have used it for Post pro a lot and it always gets the job done.

If you really want to swear that much, why not apply to play a character in South Park and rant in episodes of that show rather then splatter it all over my monitor.

I bought PSP 9, because I loved PSP 7, but PSP 7 was trialware.

And Um… the word “rant” was in the title, should have clued you into knowing it wasn’t going to be pretty.

Yeah, GIMP is awesome-- but if you’re going to spend money on image manipulation software, just go all the way for Photoshop CS3. Everything in between is probably not worth your dollar, given all that the GIMP can do for free.

Did you here of anything good about PSP 8 being any good, what about 10 and 11 before Jasc. was bought?

Because if 8 and beyond are where it all goes downhill I should probably stick with 7.

If you really want to swear that much, why not apply to play a character in South Park and rant in episodes of that show rather then splatter it all over my monitor.
Hahaha, that was actually a decent roast.

Mmm, but I’m sorry about that NeOmega, that really sucks. Nothing worse than paying for complete crap that you can’t return. Honestly, software these days is just as expensive as illegal drugs and almost as likely to not give you what you were expecting.

I use GIMP - and I think it is awesome. I wouldn’t switch to anything else.

That beeping sucks…

I used a trial back in 2001 before I even knew what it was or what I was doing. And I have the freeware version on my computer right now. I thought it was the beep back then. But then I beeping found this beep beep called GIMP and was like beeping holy bee-bee-be-beep-beep.

Beeps added for CD’s viewing pleasure:cool:.

Ironically, illegal software is even cheaper then legal drugs.

That said, I have Adobe Photoshop CS2 or something. I don’t know.

And I don’t know how to use it.

Gimp or Photoshop… anything else for high-end graphics is a waste of time. I’ve heard Painter is okay though.

You over paid. I got it for $50 at BB when I bought it. It was probably worth that though.

And a rant would probably generally be considered a long winded diatribe against, well, anything, that admittedly does not take into account other view points. It does not imply that it will be a curse laden equivalent of a 12 year old throwing the controller against the screen because Mario died again. Just saying. And I am not offended by salty language, just when it is so poorly done.

A rant constitutes anything more than a single paragraph that is self masturbatory in manner.

Extra rant points are given for the omission of punctuation:D

I bought PSP9 three years ago for around 100 USD with rebates. It ran nice and smoothly, even on my former computer which was getting up there in age. The only time that it would crash was when I would open the “filter browser”, which wasn’t even necessary in the first place. At that time, I would have said it was a very good investment. I don’t recall having the same problems you did.

I’m pretty sure that you won’t because they were bought by Corel a few years ago.

I’ve used it since version 6, and currently I use version 11 (PSP X1). Never had any problems with it exept with (take a guess) PSP 9 (crashed a lot)

Mh I hate saying that but when it comes to image editing

there is only one Photoshop - and that is sadly the truth.

It is expensive but it is good.

I use GIMP as well when I need a simple thing but GIMP
is a toy compared to PSD in few areas and I also need CMYK.

Years ago there were many other good products like XRes and so.

On OS X there is a fine Photoshop clone for 50 and it is quite great.

But sadly only Mac. ;(

Ha! That was funny.
And hmmm…self masturbatory?? doesn’t the prefix “ma(s)” mean self???

You’re probably right, my over analytic friend.

Now go off your beeping self:ba:

Regarding Nero’s analogy, I have done something similar in something other then consoles, I lost at Air Hockey once and threw the handle on the table, it actually put a little dent in it.

Lest anyone think I am being elitist: I am not above this at all and whenever one of my friends would be kicking my ass in Tekken 2, the best I could come up with was calling them a “Fucking fuck fuck.”

Oh yeah, it was a real zinger. :wink:

So you bought crap software. Get over it. And to save anyone any further imaging heartache - don’t buy pixel32. It only cost about $32 USD right now and it was on a great trajectory but there have been virtually no updates in months and months and the developer (a lone guy) ignored the forums for several months. His most recent post explained that he was working a lot and wasn’t making enough money doing it and was looking for financial backing. Until he gets it I would avoid it. If he gets it, it is worth watching.


Such a bad child. Got to your room.