I nead help.

HI, i have a model that a made. Than i made a seprate scenery in a difrent window of blender. I wana know how to move the model to the scenery.


vc é brasileiro ou espanhol teu ingles é horrivel! hehehe.
Its prety simple to put this two files togueter just open the scenario or the character press shift + f1 and you ll be brought to the file window then find your other file(the one that you want to put togheter) and cick on it, then chose object and press a to select all the objects and click on the up right corner where is write load library.
its an append function you can append to your project anything previously created with this.
good luck

vc é brasileiro ou espanhol teu ingles é horrivel! hehehe

E o teu parece n ser melhor :

,… rssss
Yep, that’s the way…, and if your scenario is on a scene within your blend, choose the character, and press ctrl+L to link it to the scenario scene.
When appending pay attention at the bottom if link is not On instead!
Good luck and show us some screenies too!

Ok, thx everybody.

Ohhh yea, is thier anychance to import all? Because i made many plans and curves, its my car with plans.

I think you can use groups

Ohhhh, i never thaught of that, thx. I’ll try that.


Yea it works. Thx Monster.