i nead some tips on a turn based game

Im going to make a game like heroes by 3DO. That game is amazing, i plan to have dragons and everything, like most medieval games. I wana make castles with cutscene’s where u upgrade everthing, and build ur castle form the ground up. I want ore props and movement props, so u can only move sofar. But mostove all, portals to other worlds. I plan to turn this into a game like halo wars. Where u can only a cap of units, but u can see them. In heroes III, u can have as many troops, but it only has on guy thier.

The first one is an example of the board type, the secon is just a image of the game title. So if u all wana check it out.

Pleas help me.

Thx for the help,


I hate to say this, but make some models first, show them, and then define your question.
No one can help unless you have a specific problem and no one will help unless you show some of the things you have created.

Ohhhhhh ic, ok. Thx