I need a 2048x768 wallpaper for my dualscreen and would like to see if anybody have 1

I’ve found a few wallpaper that fit my dualscreen setup but I would like to see if anybody have a blender related (or 3d related) one; ex. a model on 1 side and a mirror image of the model execpt in wire on the other side and different kind of effects like this. I’m also curious about any blender-related wallpaper too.:smiley:

Once I find a wallpaper I like, I’ll show you a screenshot of my desktop.:cool:

for example, this is the kind of wallpaper i’m looking for but I would like to see some other models in a similar effect execpt that the one on the right would be in wire instead.


Sorry, I dunno how to make a thimbnail in BB code.

here try mine:





thanks! i like your 2nd pic (though it is a little low resoulutions) and i’m trying to make a folder with a icon that look like one of the ball so I can put everything on the desktop into that. :smiley:

how could i remove the recycle icon from my desktop?

tweakui http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloads/powertoys/xppowertoys.mspx [the download is on the right]

or turn off all desktop icons [under arrange by]