I need a 4k still from Elephant's Dream or Big Buck Bunny

Hey Guys!

I’m wanting to do a video talking about the new 4K uploads on YouTube. I’d like to use a 4K still from Big Buck Bunny or Elephant’s Dream, if anything like that exists out there. It would take way too long to download the files and render it out my self.

Thanks in advance!


I don’t think they were ever rendered in 4K, however Durian will be.

try these:

while neither one is a render, nor from ED or BBB, I think they would probably do the trick.

edit: there are plenty of images out there for the finding that are large enough. why does it need to be a still from a video?

At the risk of sounding stupid, may I ask what 4k is? From what I can make out from a quick google search, your talking about a still render at a resolution of roughly 4000 pixels wide? Sorry if it was a stupid question :slight_smile:

EDIT: spacetug’s links comfirmed my guess =D

4k is a resolution that has a width of 4096 pixels.
the height will vary by aspect ratio.

@spacetug - plenty of images, as in from Blender institute projects? I’ll probably use that 4k matte painting.

The Durian team have already released some 4k renders like this one: http://durian.blender.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/shamanhut_no_comp.jpg but all WIP, maybe some final render will come soon.