I need a bigger camera without streaching the world.

My character is roughly 4 feet tall and I want the camera to show the player’s hands from s fps view. The camera is parented to the head bone and I can animate the arms where the hands are visible, but they take up too much of the camera. Is there a way to resize a perspective-view camera in both directions, without butchering the focal length. I do not want to use phantom arms on an overlay scene. Thanks.


I noticed I can change the near clipping and put the camera into the player’s head, hopefully solving the problem, but I still need to test a ray sensor on the camera.

A) Using phantom arms increases performance (rule: do not render what will never be visible)
B) Head motion of a character is not necessarily the best choice for camera motion (even if it is what we have in real life)
C) You can parent an empty on the camera to sense with a ray.

I hope this helps a bit.

I wanted to keep the player’s body in the game in case I allowed switching camera angles or implemented multiplayer. My solution actually seems to work, but I’ll consider your tips, thanks.


Hope u dont mind…

I got a smilar problem:
Got a huge plane and a dupli with scaling properties to the big plane.
camera above the small plane and tada a minimap. But i am using a viewport to show the map.

The problem:
I got an ortho cam on topview but the plane is square(cant change that) so the plane will never fit into the cameras view.
Putting the cam higher is no option also changing lens etc is not an option, simply becouse the objects will then be to small to see on the map.

is there a trick for this, so that i can put it all in the cam view? because the map is a bit to small this way lol.

You could change the orthographic view at the top, but that is similar to changing the zoom. A camera actuator can allow you to focus on an object in the scene. Go into edit mode and modify the cube. I notice that panoramic is similar to ortho in the game engine. Those are all the tips I can give, good luck.