I need a book, please help

Does anyone here have the english book ‘the flight of the phoenix?’



Does the plot revolve around a plane crash in the North African desert?


I thought so. Read it a long time ago and recall being thirsty every time I put it down.

I think have a copy somewhere but it might have been lost during one of my many changes of address. I’ll take a look tonight.

Have you tried any other outlets? E-bay, bookstores (I know it’s been out of print for a long time), the local library?

really no one?

I just need one line out of it :frowning:

i am extremely late, but i have the book

LOL!!! almost 2 years late!!! :smiley:

WOW. thank you for responding.

But through the forum, have the desired information.

That is absolutely AMAZING!!!

Even the most difficult requests can sooner or later, be satisfied in this foum…

I’m glad you found what you were looking for H_H… Allthough I’m still curious… You never said why you wanted those lines…

P.S.: Say… Can anybody find for me a couple of million dollars??? I can wait for one-two years if needed… :stuck_out_tongue: (just joking…)

Well when I was walking to class today I stumbled over a pile of money like that, but to get it to you first I’m gonna nead a small delivery sum of $1000 to insure safe transport :stuck_out_tongue:
…just joking :wink:

Put it on My bank account, and I’ll put it through :stuck_out_tongue:
… Not joking :wink:

to do that I’ll need you bank account number (and throw in your atm number & pin while your at it) :wink:

bank number: 111111111
pun number: 911
What is that ATM number?

WTF’s a pun number

Hi Skontar!!

Actually the request has been satisfied by Ingiebee very fast back then. She pointed me to a nice guy at amazon who offered the book for sale and he answered my question.

Don’t worry. You’ll be one of the first to know about the secret, as soon as the time is right (:

btw: wtp means wtf?

do you still want the last sentence?

if you could send me a private message? Sure!

Ahhhhhhhh… Ingiebee… :smiley: Very lovely lady… :smiley:

I miss her… :expressionless:

She used to be our local neighborhood angel… :wink:

O.k. then I suppose I shall have to wait till the time is right then…

It was nice to chat with you for one more time here H_H… :smiley:

Hope everything still goes fine for you…

P.S.: To everybody else… Just give me your credit cards numbers and all your current problems will dissapear… Trust me… :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: