I need a character designer for an ongoing project

Concerning my 3d ongoing project, I’ll like to have a 3d character designer create a 3d character model for me.
A stylised character is needed and I’ll drop a reference to what we want.
We are volunteering artist and we do not guarantee payment.

hello, I would like to collaborate in your project, I am enthusiastic about modeling and 3d animation, so I can practice

Hello, I’ll like to know your speciality in 3d.
Cus we have many specialized artist and so far we need a character designer

Could I send you an email address for the work I have done?
Design and modelling, low poly for animation, modelling for 3d printing, rig and animation.
and modeling for engineering.
I could design and model characters like the one in your sample, no problem

Alright…send me an email on [email protected]
Or just probably just message me on what’sapp because I am more active there.
You can email me your number and I’ll add you to the team.
Also send in your previous designs.
Thanks again

I have sent you an email… I can send you drawings and sketches in another email

Accepted… No problem