I need a character Rigged...

I was not sure where to post this. Please feel free to move this to the right place moderators:

I need someone that can donate their time to rig two (human) characters in blender 2.5. I will email you the characters and after they are rigged, you can email them back. For someone that knows what they are doing, this should take only a few days/hours. If you can add clothes also, that would be great. These will be going in a short movie, and you will receive credit for your work. This will be a unpaid job. It will good for those looking for more experience and/or putting there name out there for the public eye. The movie will be posted to youtube, veimo and passed around the internet. Please reply to this post if interested.

Thank you.

If no one responds there is an easy tutorial on rigging a character at Blenderguru. If you follow the tutorial, you can have rigged characters in no time at all.

Also if you want people to respond it might help to post pictures of what you want rigged.
Good luck.

I have used tutorials, but it is not coming out right and i have been trying for months. I know for some one that is good at this, it will take them only a few hours (at most a day or two). It is a make human body. Nothing complex at all.

I have made enviornments and other creations (for free) for people who where just like me. They know blender, but what they needed was not their strongest area in blender. I have been trying for months, but it is not working out. I have rigged and made short movies before. But for some reason, these rigs are not working out. I know I will master it one day, but I guess today is not the day :slight_smile:

Is this only body rig or do you need a face rig, too?

i’d love to count how many times a week one of these ‘i need you to do my work for me’ posts comes up. we’re all guilty of at least one during our learning curve.

sadly, trying to get people to do work for free here is fairly hard. not to mention pointless. if you need something done, theres no better way than to learn how to do it yourself. thats how most of us learn our specialties. if you get stuck, dont ask someone to do it for you, ask where you are going wrong. submit a blend file so that some one can advise you on where things went wrong. giving credit on something that may not get seen isnt the best way to get people interested in working with you.

i know i’m being a bit negative, and i apologise. it’s just that you’ll never become proficient in CGI or Blender if you just get other people to do your work for you. there are literally THOUSANDS of rigging tutorials on youtube and searchable through google. so perhaps that would be the best place to start.

good luck, and dont let frustration get the best of you.:slight_smile:

Incidentily there was a post on blendernation about learning to rig yesterday.

This tutorial seems to explain it pretty decent, even if you can’t match the results you should at least get a general understanding of how the process works. That could help in finding your mistakes.

I need the body, eyebrows, mouth (open, close, smile with mouth closed).

Serum, whatever you can do would be helpful. Something is waaayyy better than nothing :slight_smile:

In response to Deadparrot:

I understand what your saying, but I guess I still believe people are good at heart and do what they can when they have the power to help. I have created things for people before just to help them out (for free, for people I never met[sounds familiar]). I guess I have a weird way of thinking. Sorry for asking.

no facerig from me. too timeconsuming. I might give the bodyrig a shot depending on the mesh complexity. is there a screenshot of the mesh? clay+wireframe?

Can you post the example that you have been trying. Maybe we can just fix that. Then you will have a rigged model, and understand what went wrong. I am not saying this because of a lack of kindness. I am saying that because blender virtually rigs the model for you, so if it’s not working for you, maybe we can figure out what’s not working and have it fixed in five minutes. Even if you have someone else rig it for you, you should still let us help you on your attempt.

When are you going to post images? When are you going to post a blend file? Even if I wanted to rig your character for you, there is no character available to rig.

exactly. no images, no rig :wink:

Is this what you need? The body (arms, legs, head, and eyebrows) are setup pretty good (well, good enough). The torso is behaving weird. But the jaw is giving me TONS of problems. See render 5. It opens and closes perfectly, but when you turn the head, the jaw has a mind of its own and the jaw will not parent correctly so it will turn correctly. In two and half months time, I have re-made it so many times trying different ways/tutorials, I have lost count…


is the jawbone parented to the head bone?

When I do, it does the same thing and the parent connection goes to the chest for reason.
I tryed switching parents and making new bones. Same result.

would be interesting to see the .blend.
I bet it is not as bad as you might feel :slight_smile:

How do I post my file? Or do I email it?

you might want to attach it to this thread using the “Go Advanced” button below this thread on the lower right hand side.
On the advanced posting page you find the attachment function at the bottom.

As show in your images, you try to rig a human, not a cartoon character. In that case I would suggest the MakeHuman software.

From there you can export a character completely rigged (body and face) and with face expression, visimes and they provide lipsync and importer script for blender.

Another way you can upload your blend file by going to http://www.pasteall.org/blend/ and following the instructions there. Once it is there, you can copy the link and paste it here.

Looking at what you have shown me leads me to believe that you are primarily having problems with rigging the face. Makehuman is not the solution. The best way to rig a character face is to use ShapeKeys driven by bones. Blender Cookie has a detailed tutorial on face rigging that is 4 parts long at the moment. Although you don’t need to do as much as the tutorial teaches about, I recommend that you look at all of the parts. He explains shapekeys and how to set them up.

Other useful tutorials include
Blender Cookie Intro
Blender Guru Intro

Good Luck

btw, I’m rigging a face right now using bone driven shape keys only. no worries here with jaw bone. there is no jaw bone at all.

I’ll take a look at your .blend when you go it online.