I need a clothed MakeHuman now .. do I buy Poser?

I need a credible animated human-figure right now. MakeHuman gives me marvelous nudity but that obviously does me no good at all.

So, right now I’m hearing the siren call of Poser. Do I buy it? I happen to have the Macintosh upon which to run it. Will this actually allow me to achieve my goal of obtaining a Blender animation figure, with clothes, right now?

I’ve read promises about what MakeHuman is “going to have,” and one of them obviously is clothes. I see current features in Blender, like hooks and such, and softbodies coming in the next release … but right here, right now, what I do not have is time. :o


Right now, if I were you, I would buy Poser (right now I mean)!

Tell me, then, where the rocks are. Where are the land-mines that I’m gonna run into just I don’t know it yet?

I’ve got… current Blender… purchase Poser-5… tight deadline. Final animation must occur in Blender.

Please expand this thread to tell me … where the rocks are. :smiley:

I am wanting to do the same thing, but am waiting for the next version of Make Human. (I’ll still have to make the clothes, but everything will be in Blender and I won’t have to fuss with importing. I also don’t have a deadline )

I actually had bought Poser 5 and then after a couple of days returned it. After using Blender, I couldn’t stand the interface and it seemed a little buggy. (yeah, Blender is one of the most stable applications on my system!) I also realized that the only thing it would be good for was taking models and creating clothes. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think the animations and bones will import into Blender.

There are some tutorials on making clothes – you might do a search for them.



I’d recommend bringing your blender stuff into poser and rendering it there because you can’t take the hair and dynamic cloth into blender, and it will also save you time on the rigging of the character(s). I’ve only recently adopted this attitude myself because I was mucking around importing some blender stuff into poser (in obj format) and was pleasantly surprised at how well it went.

I cannot, realistically, do that now. I can’t switch renderers.

What I need, all that I really need, is a decent set of clothes … pre-built … for a MakeHuman model.

I’ve been hearing the author promising clothes and such for that system for over a year. $200 seems a lot to pay for a few meshes, and I’d much rather pay that to the Blender community.

Why do they have to be prebuilt, why not make your own? It seems an awful lot of expense to buy poser just for some clothes, when blender provides you the tools to do it yourself.

Time is money. I do not have time.

“Why buy a prefabricated door at Home Depot, when you can build your own?”

Then you better go with Poser for the moment. If you HAVE TO HAVE THE COLTHES NOW. You will get usage out of poser anyway. I have Poser 4 but have unintalled it. Not becasue it was not a good program. I just have to get a faster machine with a better graphics processor and more HD space and RAM before I can really take advantage of it. For right now blender/MakeHuman is just fine. But then again I am not under any time pressure and there is no money involved.

I started looking on the web for models that I can import. Thankfully, Blender has lots of importers.

Oops… :o … and the Web has thousands of sites claiming to have free 3D models! Which one’s the best? Or simply, good enough?


Poser4/5 comes with a few default pieces of clothing. Nothing fancy though.
The links up there came to mind immediately. All of them require free member registration.
Im a member of all of them. Nice wide selection of items including free downloads and meshes for purchase.

Most have forums where questions can be answered as well.

Go to WWW.DAZ3D.COM. Vickie 3 and Mike3 are now free, but so is DAZ Studio. Studio is a lite version of poser. But, it does export to obj format with maps. The Blender obj import script works pretty good at importing. For free-be clothes and such, all the links CDI3D gave are great. Renderosity free-bes usually spell it out right what rights you have using the downloads in commercial work.