i need a different transparant shader.

i need a different transparant shader
one that wont change the light and wont cause glosy efect in fact non effect at all.
However any light that passes trough it should change the cameraray valeu to false.

So that if a wall behind was set only to be visible, if it is in a direct sight between itself and the camera.
Then that it would hide behind this material with no side effects at all.

Such walls can be made with a lightpath input node connected to a mix shader => mixing a material, a transparant node. Then this wall material would be hidden if it passes to this new type of material.

Currently transparant node wont hide in above scenario, while glass works only a bit and adds other effects even with ior set to 1. if such a shader would exist one could do a lot of nice things with it simple houses with simple doors etc