I need a disk partitioner!!!

(Dittohead) #1

I need a disk partitioner that won’t destroy data when partitioning.
Must partition NTFS.

(acasto) #2

Get something like Partition Magic 7.0, I’ve used it to resize and move NTFS partitions without losing data.

Or, just back it up somewhere else, repartition, them move back. But the above is much much easier.

(Dittohead) #3

are there any that are free?

(acasto) #4

Not anything easy and for windows that I know of.

(Dittohead) #5


(joecool) #6

Do that. That’s so funny! I just had some major problems with winme, and I partitioned my drive today. Now I have two 18 gig hds. Now to get a copy of Linux or XP…

(acasto) #7

Get Linux, if you want some adventure. I’m sure XP will be the same experience as every other windows has been. But if some different colors and media options, and MS will knowing everything you watch and listen to is your thing, then XP is the way to go! :wink:

(joecool) #8

Well, I want Linux, but I think my best shot is XP. I really really want linux, but I think that it’s just not possible for me to get it…sigh… :frowning:

(acasto) #9

Do you mean “can’t get it” as in it dosn’t fit you right, or as in you physically can’t get it?

If you can’t afford it, you can download it, and if you don’t have a fast connection, I would personally send you a copy for free. It’s only a couple bucks to mail a CD, so I don’t mind helping someone out and promoting Linux by sharing it. Microsoft spends much much more than a couple bucks trying to keep Linux from propgating the way it has. It is okay for a company to charge for their products, but when they try and prevent us from choosing something we like just becaues they don’t want us to choose… well, then they can just kiss all our a$$es.

Sorry for the little rant, bunches of pent up frustration caused by self proclaimed MS gurus.

(mrmunkily) #10

I have a dual bewt 2K + RH7.3 system.
I am happy.

I do not use NTFS.

ever since the destruction of my bootloader and the inability to repair it I don’t use NTFS. fat32 and Xfs. XFS roks, baby!

(joecool) #11

as in, physically, can’t get it. :-?
I thought about downloading it, but it’s like 730 mb or something like that, I forget. so it would take me at 20 mb per day 36.5 days…