I need a few 3D models including all rights

(csabinho93) #1

Hi Blender artists,

I would need a few 3D models, mainly furniture, and i need the source file with all rights to it.
Will give you more info in private.Could you please tell me your hourly rate and send me some of your work?

(alf0) #2

what type of models .
midpoly ? highpoly ?

(csabinho93) #3

I need highpoly.

(alf0) #4

another question
fabrick or metalic and wood

i am not too good at fabrick stuffs

(csabinho93) #5

Mainly furniture,beds,sofas etc.

(Danilo Castro) #6

Hello, I have interest.
You could send me more information.
Me email is: [email protected]
Link to my portfolio.
Thank you.

(Jmanginger98) #7

Hello I am interested

My portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/joshmarshall

My email: [email protected]

(Nicole) #8


I am having the skill-set and experience required.

Please get in touch .

M: +13474746849

Waiting for your reply


Hi, I’m interested to do Give more details…