I need a free external animation renderer

I need a free renderer for blender(OSX or Ubuntu compatible) that I can render animations in. I like how the Lux Renderer renders, but it takes sooo long. Cinema 4D’s internal renderer is amazing and dosn’t take that long to render. Is there anything similar to that? So do you have any suggestions?

External renderers tend to focus on what the internal renderer is poorer at, to give photorealistic results. This won’t be suitable for animation as you’ve found out. I’d suggest your best bet is really the blender internal, especially as you’ve stipulated a free solution.
External renderers: http://www.blender.org/download/get-blender/external-renderers/

With the addition of 2.5’s indirect lighting model, it goes a long way to simulating mesh based lighting. Which was the only reason I sought an external renderer.

Just use Blender Internal 2.5.

As far as I can tell, Blender internal has all the render features of Cinema 4D with the exception of the true mesh based lighting I mentioned above. Pull down the freestyle branch if you need toon based rendering.

Yafaray’s Direct Lighting solution is very fast and accurate. Photon Mapping can also be used successfully for animation if you need Global Illumination.

Check this out:-