I need a good movie editing program

I made a movie with Ludwig and I want to add sound but I can’t figure out how to add multiple sounds to play at the same time with windows movie maker whats an easy to use program for adding sound to blender movies??

You could use Blender’s sequence editor: http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/PartXIV/Video_Sequence_Editor

But the sequencer doesn’t support MP3 Format

You could try AVIsynth. Also, if you want to convert mp3 to wav (for use in Blender’s sequencer), you could use Audacity.

It does now…

To get the best mix, you’re probably going to have to pay for it. The thing I have always worked with on animations and sound is Pinnacle Studio. It supports widescreen and 7 channel surround sound. It’s perfect for editing, too. I reccomend version 9. You can probably find it on eBay or do a google search. You can get it for around $50.


You might want to give a look at another open source project.


Jahshaka appears to be a pretty full functioning editor. (though I must admit, I havn’t had time to work with it yet)

I don’t know about Pinnicle but Magix Movie Edit Pro is my video editor. You should be able to get it on ebay for $15 to $30 dollars, the original cost is $50. Don’t get fooled but the cheapness, it really is very powerful for editing. I have both Magix and Premiere but I find Magix much easier to use for faster (though not at all worse) results.

Ah… movie edit pro… it kind of god bad results in Videographer. If you want the full blow deal, go and get Avid Liquid. That is the proper editor. it is better than premiere, but then again, we all have our tastes.


I have not been able to find a good free video editor… ever.

The cheapest editor software that I like is “sony vegas video”, but if you want something that the pro’s use for no money… Avid Free is probably the way to go, it’s not the most practical proggy though… but then a lot of pro’s actually use it.


I just heard about this one and am downloading it now.


Sure. Tell us what is is about. I’m not too confident in those freeware applications anyway. But… then again… blender blew us all away.


Not really an application, but I think there is something called “Linux” that is freeware :wink: