I need a good PC game.


I’m learning how to make a video game right now.

But, I’m learning the basics right now and the important things now.

Im learning Blender, and hopfully I’ll be good enough by the time I get good enough with C++ to make good game characters. I’m also learning how to draw anime, for 2D games. I’m also learning GIMP. I can also make good enough music for any game I might make.

The problem lies in the fact that I can’t think of any good free games. I would play mine, but I don’t have any. I need something to do as a break.

Do you know of any good video games/ activities I can play/do?

free games like something to entertain you or to learn from?

America’s Army is a free FPS funded my the US army to recruit ppl, good game though

actually, there isnt any mention in the game of an attempt to recruit you, or any messages or anything. its just a really good fps. on the website it has a few links to army websites and stuff, thats about it.

there are a lot of games at www.gamehippo.com for free
opther than that i dont know, unless you want to try an mmorpg, but that would be really counter-productive.

Yeah I know that, but you do know why the fund the game, dont you?

Tribes 2 and Megaman X series on Snes (can be played with a Snes emulator) if it’s gonna be an action game. Try Ninja Gaiden if you have an Xbox, and Zelda’s if you got one of the Nintendo consoles.

But for pc, Tribes 2, Grim Fandango, Settlers.

Enemy Territory. And the mod for it True combat:Elite.
Nexuiz: Quake multiplayer style gaming but with fancy effects.
Super Tux: Mario style game, great fun.

Exellent suggestions, people. I forgot about Game Hippo.

I’m not looking for super violent games, or games with cursing, nudity, whatever. I’m tired of those games. They’re kind of cliche. I’m asking for more of a game that is just plain fun and about the gameplay rather than violence. Like I heard the GTA games are fun, which they probibly are, but too violent and stupid for me. I’m looking for more of a game that is like Mario, Sonic, Commander Keen. Games where people wanted to make games, not already rich clients making more money games. It’s pretty easy to tell. For me anyway.

free games like something to entertain you or to learn from?

What better to learn from if it’s entertaining?

I think I’ve got the thing for you.
You said you liked Mario-like games, well I’ve got a NES emulator called Nester and a ROM for the Super Mario Bros. The whole thing is about 1 MB big, I’ve downloaded It yesterday and I can’t stop playing It. (All those memories from the old NES days) :slight_smile: .
Oh, I just saw you also like Commander Keen. I’ve got CK 4, 6, and Dreams.
I can send all of these to you if you give me your e-mail adress. I would have attached them to my post but I don’t know how

If you want to download additional ROM’s for the emulator go to http://romhustler.net

P.S.You can draw anime!That’ so COOL. If it’s not too much trouble for you, could you draw me some anime characters so I could model them in Blender, or give me some links to sites where I can find some? (anime characters reference pictures).

Here’s a neat game, and it’s free:

It’s abstract instead of realistic… in the style of “asteroids” you have to shoot these big colorful circles, which then pop, spilling color on the background. The objective is to turn the background completely white.

I reccomend Civilization 4, you can learn some programming with that. You can mod the Python, Graphics, and XML. If your computer isn’t P.I.M.P, it will run slow- only problem.

Halo: Zero… nuff said

Pretty good game but too short and there is almost none to play against online.

Henrymop do you use any tutorial for the anime? If you do would you mind sharing?

If you want a MMORPG I would recommend Silkroad and if you want a shooter GunZ: The Duel.

That Mono truly tells the whole story. The graphics can be some colors and circle flying around and the gameplay rock, and it’s a great game. The music is good as well.

Where can I download Tribes 2? I know it was free but I haven’t been able to find a place to download it from.

How is close source game going to teach you anything about games ? If you looking for opensource games to play that is fun then I suggest some of these.


Also try searching freshmeat.net

Closed source or open doesn’t matter, you can tell the game mechanics just by playing.

So you just looking for fun games to play ?

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory aint free but it’s a frikin good game

I have it on Xbox but its on PC as well.

Yes I am, know of any? I don’t have any money, but I can still play the demos.