I need A great 3D Artist

Hi Everyone,

I’m an indie game developer working with Unity3D and I need a 3D Artist for my next project.
I can’t pay you anything but can provide you revenue shares with sales. The project will be a top down shooter. Art for the game will be stylized Art. Also be able to make intros with blender.

Please provide some work you have done.

Thank You.

hi do you work for a company also is the game a serious thing because the last people i worked with ended the project i can model i also make a little music so could maybe make a sound track for u :slight_smile: hiit me up on my email [email protected] i can model almost every thing budt i cant model hige detailed human

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Hi Philip,

Thanks for the interest in the project. I mailed you regarding your question.

Company details.
my first game: www.adventuresofhendri.co.za

im very interresed what is the salary ?

The fact this was posted in “Volunteer Work” should give you a clue


Unfortunate there is no salary.

This is the game style. Very early stages.

Still creating the main character.

All the art and models I have done on my own. I’m not an artist.
I’m a programmer and as you can see “Art is not really my thing”. :sweat: