I need a guideline for game development [Amount of polgones/vertices]

Hey guys,

I’ve started to develop a strategy game with a friend and my results are quite fine, but we have a big problem:

We want our game to be playable for 2-3 years old middle-class computers up to recent systems.

Can someone give me a rough amount of vertices/polygones for:


my first building consists of about 700 vertices, one unit with about 1000 vertices, another unit about 2500 vertices.

I thought, 500-100 vertices for buildings and 100-2500 vertices for units should be fine.

PS: We use blender for modelling, texturing, rigging and animations and unity as engine.

Thank you and greetings,

If you are using Unity it may be more appropriate to ask in the Unity forumshttp://answers.unity3d.com/questions/19379/how-many-polygons-is-too-much.html

Hey Richard, thank you for your quick and informative posts!