I need a Linux PC with GTX 1080 ti for testing a deep learning project for some time

Hello blender users.

I would like to make you a proposal. For some time I need a PC running Debian that has an nvidia GTX 1080 ti GPU on board, because I want to install this repository on it:


in return I can give a number of free hours of rendering the blender projects, since I have a good graphic card, at the moment RTX 2080 ti. Unfortunately the project requires the installation of cuda 9 and cuda 9 on my RTX cannot be installed. The project was created with a GTX 1080 ti graphics card. Once I get it working, I will stop using your machine. I just want to see if it does what I need. So,let’s talk about this proposal. If u don’t need that I render for you for free,I don’t know,try to ask me something else ?