I need a little help to test something out

Hi everyone, mostly I have been dealing with learning modeling, lighting and rendering. However, now I got to a point where animation becomes important. Before I hit the books, I would like to quickly try to run an example walk cycle and I wanted to describe it here and ask if someone can please help.

I have to export a character walk in .dae format (simple enough) it can not be keyframed, it has to be bone animation (never tried it). I just need the character to take a few steps forward (I don’t have a character). For my example, it can be a stick figure or anything that looks bipedal and can walk. I can download characters from blendswap (but as I said I don’t know what I’m doing).

Can someone maybe give me quick step by step instructions so I can get a simple walk cycle to test. This is for a game engine. I can handle everything else and once I do this, I can go through the tons of blender animation tutorials that I have.

Thank you,

I found a basic bone tutorial and I’m following it now. The original question is turning into more questions now.

After creating an armature I go into pose mode and select a bone to pose by hitting G. It does not pose the bone, nothing happens except xyz coordinates change in the lower left part of the screen. The bone does not move. How can I pose a bone?

Ok, I discovered that it’s only 1 bone that does not work. I looked at several google searches and tried several settings, but just one bone does not work. Everything bends except the lower right leg. I created a stickman and with the skin surface modifier I created an armature with the create armature button.

Does anyone know why the one bone does not work?

Hi learning3d!

I would suggest to first learn the basics by following some tutorials (http://cgcookie.com/blender/) about rigging, skinning and animation in Blender. This stuff is a bit too complex to just get results right of the bat.

If you just need some animations to test exporting .dae files, you are probably better off by downloading finished rigs or animations (I have not used blendswap yet, but it seems like a good start).

Also, it would be very helpful if you added screenshots or even the .blend file, to better illustrate the problem. It’s kind of hard to give advice on text descriptions only.

Good luck!