I need a little problem fix please.

ok i have a problem with some logic bricks i think…? well im not sure how to do what i want it to do. go here and download the file and read the text i have in it. http://www.filefactory.com/dlf/f/1dece4/b/4/h/f81d475064e29587

It doesn’t have collision because it isn’t dynamic. If you set it dynamic it goes crazy because of armatures or something. I think you may be trying to do something before experimenting enough with the game engine. I would start simpler with objects over a plane and learn how the engine works, the sensors, activators, dynamic, ipo’s, actions, etc.

but i dont wanna lol

Its in your best interests to experiment with the blender game engine so you know how its works and you don’t have to ask about every little thing. Start simple and build from there. Thats the best way to learn how to use the BGE.

ok then. well whats a good start then? becasue im learing most of this on my own with out tuts. its easyer to learn that way for me lol.

Use the game reference:

Make a plane and put a cube on top of it. Make the cube dynamic. It should fall down onto the plane when you press play. Then just start playing around with each thing after you read what it does.