I need a mentor for my school

Hello all. I am a student at Lynnwood high school and as part of graduation we have to do a seinior project, and as part of that seinior project we need to fnd a mentor. I am doing mine on animation using blender so I need someone of intermediate to master levels of skill to help me. so again i apeal to you, plase help me esp if you live in the seatle area. PLEASE, I’M GOING INSANE TRYING TO FIND A MENTOR, HELP.

good luck on finding a mentor, hope it goes well! :slight_smile:


I am not in your state, but if it works over the internet, we could discuss this.

shoot me an email

[email protected]


See my Links.

Each Blend file will cost $5 only.
No copywrite, no EULA its all done by me .
[email protected]

kkrawal: He’s not looking to buy any .blend files or graphics . . . he’s asking for someone to mentor, that is teach him to create an animation with Blender for a school project.

Claas is willing to mentor you? Jump on it!!!
He is not living in your town, state even country: move!

No kidding: you’re in luck.


Ah I am not in his State, but country, or do you mean county?


Something like that… I should have proofread this one.
Note to Xain777: he is also very thorough!

we all could use some spell checking, even in this thread.

so embarrassing when I sometimes read what I wrote some time
ago and see how many words are missing …

Ah well English isnt my native language but to miss words like
“is, a, the” than is kinda strange.

that sounds great thank you all for the quick responce
i will tell everyone what the school says about a long distance mentor so stay tuned

Distance should not be a problem today anymore.
you are familiar with blender, so we can skip in the intro
which would have required a one on one and focus on what
to do with it which we can do via email, or video audio converence.
skype is quite handy.

my brother is teaching a color design class in italy while he lives
in germany.

today it is all possible.


Wow, those are such cool logos, and only 5$ each, wow!!! :spin: If only I had enough money to buy blender!!!

Hey Gat …

lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, yeah I can help with mentoring in modeling and rendering, over the internet. Just pm me.