I need a new computer. Help please!

I have been saveing up for a new computer for a while now (because mine is um…lacking) and i want to get something high end so i wont have to buy another for a while and i was looking at a quad core prossesor but i dont want to be set back six thousand dollars. So i would greatly appreciate it if anay of you had anay ideas or sugestions of posible computers for me to look into. Thank you in advance.

P.S. i am maily a microsoft person but i am verry willing to try mac or linux

Maybe a Mac Pro would be the right machine for you. They start at 2500$ or 2500€ (that´s not fair :frowning: ) with two dual core processors with 2 GHz and 1 GB RAM. And you can also get one with up to 16 GB RAM!!!

Ya i was loking into those the other day but thse are realy pricy(at least for me) so i was thinking of just building my own but i wouldent know where to start. thanks for the tip

Well, for a mid-range budget pc I’d probably buy something like…

Intel E6400 or E6300 processor + compatible motherboard.
2GB of DDR2 RAM (2x1GB to have dual channel mode)
Nvidia 7600GT or 7900GTO (<if you want to play newest games with hi-res)
A Harddrive of Seagate with 250-320GB of storage
A Case + PSU (power supply unit) (I recommend Antec P180B).
A 20-23 Inch widescreen tft or two 19 inch tft’s.

However. If you’re going to be using windows, I recommend buying a hdpc compliant screen (ask the seller) and graphics card (such as the new nvidia 8800 series = also directX10 compliant, but pricy). That is windows VISTA.

Dont see why you would want Windows Vista or direct X 10 unless you are an avid gamer. DirectX 9 will be supported for many years from now anyway, atleast three years I would say since they are just phasing out DirectX 8 now.

Anyway, thats just something to keep in mind, although it never hurts to shop wisely so you can upgrade in the future. Something along the lines of the system Falgor specified will keep you happy without breaking the bank.