I need a portfolio

I did a search, but I couldnt find anything… so here goes.

I have quite a few renders on my pc now, and I want to have my own portfolio online. Is there someone who knows a good (free!!) site where you can make a portfolio. Searches on the internet led to goodlooking sites but they all want me money! I dont really care about banners n stuff, I want a place where I can organize all my renders so I can show 'em to people when Im not on my own pc.

Basically, it comes to this: I need a site where I can make a free portfolio.

I hope someone can help me, thanks:D

(oh and btw, sorry for starting that thread about the kiwi animation! I forgot to do a search, sorry:o)


gee, thanks:D

crouches in a corner, ashamed beyond ashamedness

Hey mate if you want a free blog/portfolio thing just email me. zac[dot]duff[at]gmail[dot]com

It would be www.glightdev.com/yourname , but i could set up an image gallery thing (coppermine i think its called).

Just email me if you need any help mate.


Cgtalk.com they have cgportfolios set up… although your renders may need to pass strict quality standards (not sure)

or i can set you up some space here… http://gallery.mudpuddle.co.nz/


Yeah but thats based in Newlzealand!! Lol, jokes from across the tasman. No harm intended:)

CGTalk has a CGPortfolio option.

ok thanks guys:)
Alltaken, I already come across your site, but I couldnt find where to set it up. Anyways, im trying freewebs now:)

what about http://www.googlepages.com/ (100MB)