I need a rig for the Greyhound

I am working on a live action film production and require some assitance with a rig for this greyhound from BlendSwap. Is there anyone who could make a workable rig for film for me please? You will get full credit in the final production.


I am going to make the assumption that since this is a “credit only” proposition that the quality of the rig would probably be as good as you can do yourself in about an hour or two.

Actually I plan for it be more than credit only. I hope to pay contributors on comission but tbh, I am neither sure what that will be at this point if any. Still anything I can work and build upon would be helpful

Here is good sequence of images that helps you to create the bone:

Can I try to rig it? You don’t have to pay me anything. Being in the credits of somebodie’s movie is enough heaven to me.

That would be fantastic thank you I’ll PM you