I need a splatter video.

I need a splatter video , i mean like if i had ayelly type of fluid that crashes in a wall and then slips down like this but in video and only in black and white to use it as an aplha.


Do you know of any free videos of this kind ?

i could do it in blender, but i havent touched fluids lately, anyway if you know a blend file with a liquid setup you could post it also , thanx !

Got five bucks!

Andrew Kramer Ink spot tutorial (AE).

thanx, but i said video not still spaltter , any way i think many out there are done with a still image , but i want it to slip.

get a posterboard and either buy it flouresent green or paint it
and video tape your self making the splatter
make sure its a dull bright light green then you can use some software to extract it from the
background and you will have a reall splatter and faster than trying to create it with fluid dynamics and such
it halloween time you could probably find some fake blood or look up the recepie online or use another liquid
with the same viscosity and just change the colors when you get it digital

thanx ! by the way you can get free splatter in cgtextures.com

I believe what you are looking for is at detonationfilms.com. Amazing array of free explosions, splatter, muzzle flashes and everything else guns. Some stuff you have to pay for, but a lot of free stuff. You should definitely check it out.