I need a team!!!

Hi! i’m new here! i have made only one one thread besides this one. i’m in need of some help! I’m making an online video game called “Chicken Adventures” its like WlfQuest but only its about chickens. and i am having no luck in many things without a team! i’m only 13, so there isn’t too many people that i can find that isn’t from the internet. i need some help with textures and animating! please help!

Okay, first off

  1. What positions do you need? IE, artists, programmers, modelers, everything?
  2. do you have a Game Design Document?
  3. Do you have an actual plan or schedule?
    You need solid information to convince people to help you.

well i need : someone who can animate, programmers, someone thats good with textures and that can supply me with some textures, and modelers.
whats a Game design document?
i have a plan already, but so far i haven’t gotten far

Game design document template: Chris Taylor Game Design Document Sample
How to create one: http://www.sloperama.com/advice/specs.htm

You don’t necessarily need to include the full game design in your post, though. Provide a description of the gameplay, maybe include some concept art, indicate what progress you have made so far, and what you will be doing yourself.

Also, if you wish help with animating and textures specifically, then post pictures of the model you wish to texture and animate and explain specifically what kind of textures and animation you are looking for.

what would motivate anyone to help a kid’s dream to make a game? try convince people to help you, and its a very bad idea to give away your age, and a very very bad idea (speaking from experience on this forum) to give away the fact that you are new to the forum. people on here generally seem to hate noobs who have big dreams and nothing show

I feel that this post is grossly under-prepared.
Take more time to work on a solid plan.
First, though, learn to make a small game like tetris or pong. Once youve made that, you’ll understand how much work it takes to make a game. Then work your way up.
And I agree with gregzaal, dont give away your age or that youre a newbie. bad idea :stuck_out_tongue:

ill help you with watever you have to do

I’d be happy to help. I have a lot of cool textures and I’m ok (not the best) at animating. But a little more information would be great.

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I guess this post is dead, There need to be a forum where you can recruit help and people are not allowed to invade your thread and tell you why your idea will not work. there are so many different was to make a game, there are so many types of games you can make. The simple sell just as fast as the complex. All you need is to stumble on a new Idea. The people who gave advice on this thread where incorrect. Kids know what kids like.

Understandable but how are you going to market this game? No one likes to create a game that is going to get played by a few people. Also what is in it for the other people? Me I want to make a game. Have a great Idea and a partial GDD, but I know not to ask yet because on my part if I want a team to help me I need a good well formed idea that they can understand. I need my idea on on paper, so to speak. Also I have no ambition of paying anyone, since I do not make a great deal of money and have a family to support, this is a hobby till I get my second degree in game design and programming. Right now I am working to going back to school for my AS and BS in web design and social media, an area which i already hold certifications in. Anyway, you cant really expect people to devote their time to a project when the project leader can not give details about the project, in full. I wouldn’t, and hell I would not do a damn thing unless I knew what it fully entails. Its those, ohh its like this game, and half way through s/he changes their mind because of a new game or fad they just picked up and now they want to change it slightly. This means a lot of extra work for the team and they may not like the idea. All in all you need a good GDD and layout of what you want. Something a team of people can stick to. This is a really knowledgeable forum with some really knowledgeable people who will not respond to a fly by night post. Thats all I got to say really about this.

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You never know how is on the other keyboard and what they are capable of. Ya most of people will quit . Its just like in the real world . If you go around telling everyone you see they are not doing it right . What will happen ? I would like to work with someone who is just getting started everyone starts somewhere. My thread got stomped on and a ton of unwanted and unneeded advice . So what If you do not want to work on a job. there was three people here who wanted to help. This is a good place to start. You do not need more of a plan then a name chicken adventures. I,m going to go make a chicken. If that’s ok with all you professionals.

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