I need a very accurate models of a diamond

I need a very accurate models of a diamond, I found this one:


If I go with the above I don’t want 3ds format. Wat would be the best for use with blender?

The offer:

Contact us now if you need this in another format like…
.3ds, .3dm, .asc, .bvh, .c4d, .cob, .cgm, .chm, .csm, .dwf,
.dwg, .dxf, .fbx, .flt, .geo, .iv, .lwo, .ma, .mb, .max, .obj,
.off, .raw, .rh, .skp, .stl, .svs, .u3d, .vrml, .w3d, .wrl .x, .xsi

Do you know of any good free models?

try this site

i think you should find some cut
theses dwg are for 3Ds i think
but you can load up / import in blender theses dwg as OBJ from 3DS

and you should be able to find the diamond cut you want


hope it helps

will this do? I have just created in Blender


Thanks very much. Could someone also model the girdle of correct proportions as this is important for the effect:

show me the prespective view to create the model, which you want

Here is a diamond (with girdle) I modeled a year or so ago…


Diamond.blend (172 KB)

Awesome mate thanks so much