I need a zombie runner game name!

I need a zombie runner game name !

Pale Horse


Dead ahead?


Wrong category?

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There are some zombies in this game http://www.uodreams.it/ some rotting corpses too. They’re like in undead category of context and receive double damage from character weapons with Undead Slayer property. Imagine Your new nickname to play there and maybe then Your :bulb: may just pop in Your mind.

Run from the Living Dead

I changed the category as this is not really related to the development of blender.

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There’s no details so just putting stuff out there! No idea if these are already taken though.

  • Chariots of Zombie
  • Streets of Zombie
  • Z-Race, Z-Run, Zommie-Run
  • Track & Zombie
  • Marathon Zombie
  • Run Zombie Run (likely taken)
  • Zombie Race (likely taken)

That is it for now. Cheers!


Adeadas \\\

How about

  • Dead Man Running
  • Running with the Dead
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Simple name

Zun Zombie Zun!

“Brainzzz” :smiley:


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Maybe Reporter 2? Or try to search this site. There are many horrors here, suppose some zombies are among them.

I think “Fast Zombies” is what the newer post Romero “28 days later” type zombies are called?

Left 4 Peds
or maybe
Left for Peds
so you don’t get trademark dispute