I need advice and help in fluid simulation to get my idea to work

Hey, I got big problem with fluid simulation ( rather because I’m not so familiar with it, I’m quite sure it works as supposed). I want a liquid to collide and splash over an obstacle, so there is lots of liquid spreading in drops and some flowing over the edge. I got good results with inflow + obstacle infront. But the problem is that it doesn’t have proper end. And when I try to keyframe the Initial velocity values, whole fluid behaves totally different, already from the start fluid doens’t flow at all or collide to the obstacle.

I just want the fluid to stop nicely, so no splashing in the end and the flow slowing and even stopping. I tried then another method, made fluid object where the fluid falls down and collides, but the result is quite bad… there isn’t nice single smaller streams flowing over the edge etc. And particles not behaving as good as in inflow.

Does anyone have any good advice how to make this work nicely. Thanks in advance :).

If you just want to stop the flow during the sequence, I had a good result by key framing inflow object scale down. Just scale it way down. The flow stops.