I need advice for buying a new graphic board to help ne with the rendering process

Hi everyone! :smiley:
Im about to ask to build a new pc for my renderings and giving my budget abd the new graphic boards that recently came out, i’ would like your advice. I’m interested in the new Radeon RX 480 8GB and i’ve heard that two in crossfire would come out almost the same or better than the GTX 1080, but this opinions came from a gaming point of view and I’ve no one to talk to me about the render experience in the new RX.

First of all we would need more information.

For one, how big are your projects? Do you really need the power for two RX 480s?

If you are just starting, then you are wasting your money on Two. Get one and spend the other set of money on a good tablet to draw on. Will come in extremly useful if you want to do sculpting.

And to be honest, it is more about your skills then resources you have. I’ve seen people with very low end systems without dedicated GPU’s produce amazing renders compared to me and I have two GPU’s.

Additionally limited resources teach you how to manage your scene better.

Still if you are simply resource limited on the rendering horsepower.

CPU has all the Cycles Features. Nvidia, should support most of them. While AMD’s cards support only a portion of them.

So depends again what you want.

As for the GTX 10xx series, they aren’t even supported. Though there is a hack to get it running, but not at full speed. And Nvidia concentrated on Gaming performance and not GPGPU, so performance is not going to be a major jump over the current GTX 980Ti for example which can be gotten for cheap (compared to the 10xx series)

Unsure about the RX 480 either, since this is even a newer card.

Personally I’d get a GTX 980Ti or R9 Nano